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miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2012


Aye young wooooooooooorld! Pretty Little Dreamers are back!

Well, after this break, we are back and we have big news! GUESS WHAT?
After almost two months of university we are finally aplying for a job, cause we wanted (and needed lol) a job so we can have more experience and of course reach some money! And for which job did we just aplied??
... FOR HOLLISTER! hell yeaaaaaaaaaaaah! hahaha we are so happy, I (Aida) have the interview this Friday, and Judit has the interview next Tuesday so.. please guys wish us luck! we are pretty excited, and if we get the job, we will tell you everything about it!

Oh! and what's more... we bouth have an iPhone now! hahahaha you can tell we are having a good time lol
Hope you guys are doing well :)
And... as Believe Tour is just 120 days left, I'm posting here which is probably my favourite song of Believe album:

hahaha MUCH LOVE! <3 see you soon :)

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