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miércoles, 12 de septiembre de 2012

Our story...

FIRST OF ALL: hey young world! Aida's here!

As Judit said, we are beliebers and we went to a Bieber's concert last year. But please, don't judge us yet: we are not that kind of girls you are probably thinking we are, we are just two normal teenagers, with a normal life, we don't spend the day screaming and talking about our idol (although we talk about him so many times) and those kind of things people use to think beliebers do. So NO, you are wrong.
To be honest, we only saw Justin twice, one was at the concert. BUT we are going to Believe Tour in 2013 so we are pretty excited!
According to Judit, we hardly see each other but that doesn't mean we don't stay in touch. We are now studying our degrees, but we are so similar, so probably when we finish, we will start a new life hopefully together!
Another important fact: YES, as you probably noticed, we took the idea of our blog's name from "Pretty Little Liars". We really like this serie, and we really like the name.
We have to say: WE LOVE U.S.A! And we will do anything just to live there. More things about us: we are kinda crazy... lol, you will realize.

- We love shopping (weird, isn't it? haha)
- We love to travel
- We'd love to go to NY (well, we'd love to go to any city of the US)
- We loooooooooooooooooooove spaghetti lol.
- We love music and anything related to it.

And the most important: we love to spend our time doing funny things, just to have fun.

But, you will know more things about us everyday :)


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